Fleet Management

Broad range of commercial transport vehicles operate at HENSMAN HAULAGE. We specialize in maintaining from the Smallest and oldest to the bigger and newest technology Fleet Maintenance.

The Prime Mover units, Trailer Units, Tipper Units in our care benefits from strict attention and detailing as our own substantial road force. We strive to do better each day.

We operate state of the art Vehicle Diagnostic Systems fully upgraded versions.

All employees/workshop personnel go through a Safety Programmer in a bid to improve OHC Systems in Sri Lanka.

We are equipped with Breakdown recovery truck to on-road recovery systems to keep our trucks rolling day through night 365 to keep our heads above water level.


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Client Tools

Vehicle Tracking

Bunker Price

IFO 180 : $ 840
IFO 360 : $ 810
MGO : $ 1,090
MDO : $ 1,090
Bunkering cost Colombo : $ 3,500
Bunkering cost Galle
: $ 5,500