HENSMANS HAULAGE has its roots I a successful, entrepreneur found business way back in 1997. Today through continuing program of acquisition and strategic developments we offer a range of exceptional logistics services and road haulage services to a portfolio of prolific multination and prestigious customer base.

HENSMANS HAULAGE has one clear aim – to deliver impeccable service through adherence to the highest standards in vehicles, distribution and personnel.

We recognize that our reputation is reliable road haulage services is our greatest asset and it is this that drives us forward. By on-going investment in technology in our fleet and performance monitoring we aspire to continue growth and greater flexibility in order that HENSMANS HAULAGE is recognized at the highest level as a solutions to logistics needs.

We have recognized and elevated our services through real-time tracking devices on 100% of our fleet to give our customers true time image of where-about of their goods for precision planning. We have taken multinational companies to greater heights in operations efficiency time managed solutions to effective cost saving mechanisms.

Our strength is our commitment and untiring enthusiasm for WIN-WIN solution that’s just not by word alone but by deed.

With the latest acquisition of the RENAULT PREMIUM DXI 450 fleet we hope to grow green environment soon in our people friendly pearl of the Indian ocean Island. We hope to do a fleet renewal to enhance a lead the way forward in our industry in Sri Lanka to GO-GREEN policy.


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Client Tools

Vehicle Tracking

Bunker Price

IFO 180 : $ 840
IFO 360 : $ 810
MGO : $ 1,090
MDO : $ 1,090
Bunkering cost Colombo : $ 3,500
Bunkering cost Galle
: $ 5,500