HENSMANS HAULAGE is typically known for our experience in the handling of Break-bulk, project cargoes and specialist in Bulk Handling cargoes such as Clinker, Coal, gypsum, Cement, Steels, Ore, Wheat etc. operating in Far East South East Asian Markets.

Our versatile tonnage of vessels allows us to handle most types of Cargoes conveniently and safely while remaining cost effective. Accommodating individual needs, we capable of doing the business at the shallowest seas to the deepest depths of the ocean.  So often our solutions deal the passages never done before and make it a habit.

HENSMANS HAULAGE known no limits when it comes to customer service, project demands and offering our clientele the diverse array of services and choices to operate. Practice makes perfection and our clients choose our wealth of experience as a benefactor.


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Vehicle Tracking

Bunker Price

IFO 180 : $ 840
IFO 360 : $ 810
MGO : $ 1,090
MDO : $ 1,090
Bunkering cost Colombo : $ 3,500
Bunkering cost Galle
: $ 5,500